Dead Fervor





  1. no longer alive.




  1. intense and passionate feeling


Of all the descriptors in the English language, Irony is one of the more utilized ones. A physical example of this would be the modern rock act Dead Fervor that ironically, despite it’s name, is high energy, relevant, and as diverse as any band out there.

Dead Fervor is comprised of five excellent musicians that combine their individual styles and influences to make something one must see and hear to fully appreciate

Ryan X, the lead singer, combines his love of Iggy Pop and Alice Cooper, among others, to create a voice for the band that makes Dead Fervor unique, unmistakeable, and brings a show that audiences remember.

Jaremy Jess on rhythm guitar and backing vocals brings his years of performing in the Country genre to the table, adding incredible songwriting and a mature musicality to the band.

Jared Robinson, an encyclopedia of hard rock and metal, brings the lead guitar solo back to popularity in the heritage of Slash, Ritchie Blackmore, and Zakk Wylde.

Jason Reeder’s influences of Funk and Jam Band can be heard in the bass of Dead Fervor. Adding memorable bass lines while at the same time, holding back and serving the music.

Jared “Atty” Smith, whose diverse session work in Pop, Jazz, Blues, and many others, brings flavors to the band that help raise Dead Fervor above the rest.

Dead Fervor Endorsments